Sept 23 – Ellington Group With Scott Healy

A note from Scott: On the 23rd I want to start off by taking a quick listen to “Maids of Cadiz” by Gil Evans and Miles Davis. We’ll talk about some of the broad strokes: form, pace, and how Gil shapes this evocative and powerful piece. Then we’ll dive back into large ensemble voicing technique, […]

Sept 16 – LA Ravel with Don Williams and Dan Higgins

We’d like to thank everyone who came to our LA Ravel last month! It was a fantastic session and a great way return from summer break. September’s score of the month is Escapades for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra by John Williams from Catch Me If You Can. We’re lucky enough to be joined by Don […]

Aug 26th – LA Ravel with David Das and Neal Desby

Summer break is over! We’re excited to continue with our score study and bring you more exciting industry guests. This Ravel Group will mark the beginning of our “Score of the Month” series, where each session we’ll look at new score with fresh techniques to absorb. This month we’ll focus on John Adam’s Short Ride […]

June 24 – Ellington Group with Scott Healy

On the 24th we’ll delve in to Ellington’s “Such Sweet Thunder”. This piece is a great example of the use of riffs, space, harmony, layering, groove, and economical jazz writing. There’s so much to say, I bet it takes an hour at least. Then we will begin a detailed study of large ensemble voicing, the […]

June 17 – LA Ravel with Special Guest Lyndon Johnston Taylor

America! We continue our score study by finishing the last section of West Side Story and looking at its stunning orchestration. We’ll then look at one of the biggest hit songs from the show, America, including the forbidden Hollywood version! Our guest is Lyndon Johnston Taylor, principal second violinist with the LA Phil. Lyndon will […]